Auburn Landing, Inc. has been providing expert home building and renovation for over forty years.

Meet the team behind our beautiful craftsmanship and strategic construction management.


Jeff Andrews

Jeff Andrews


Jeff Andrews founded Auburn Landing, Inc. on St. Patrick’s Day in 1979. Hailing from Vermont with experience in carpentry and the building trades, Jeff was eager to try his hand at custom home building. Since the inception, Jeff and Auburn Landing have made their mark in Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

Jeff is intrigued by the complexity of the building process and especially the interplay of design, budgets, and personalities. Blending the visions of architects and clients into a tangible product is extremely rewarding for him.

When he is not working, Jeff enjoys hockey, skiing, and golf, and returns to his roots whenever possible in both Vermont and New Hampshire. Three of his four children have spent time working for Auburn Landing as they sojourn through life — and perhaps they will provide the next chapter in the Auburn Landing story.

Ralph Bosch, Jr.

Ralph Bosch, Jr.

Vice President

Ralph Bosch joined Auburn Landing as a partner in the fall of 1990. Ralph first met Auburn Landing founder Jeff Andrews in 1979. After helping Jeff with a few projects over the ensuing years they started learning to kayak together. Long hours spent driving to and from the rivers involved long conversations about many topics and they decided to pool their resources and try to further develop the business together. Almost thirty years later that work continues.

Being a custom builder in high-end markets like Fairfield and Westchester Counties offers endless rewards. The satisfaction derived from driving around town and looking at your completed projects is not to be found in many vocations. Although it was the serendipity of life that led Ralph to this profession he could not be happier if he had planned it.

Outside of Auburn Landing, Ralph has devoted significant time and effort to the revitalization of the commercial district of Georgetown where their office is located. He is also President of the Friends of Yale Rugby Alumni Association and still manages to play once a year in an alumni match. He is attempting to develop a golf game that is not an embarrassment and is thoroughly enjoying teaching his grandchildren all of the lessons that only a grandfather can.