The Cove

In many instances, the setting drives the design. This is especially true on a waterfront property with views of the Manhattan skyline in the distance.  Nearly every room has the potential to capture a piece of that view if the design team gets it right. In this instance, we think they did.

As a builder, the challenges of coastal construction are usually smaller lot sizes, more difficult access and making the proper provisions for when the weather isn’t nice. This project had all those elements. Bringing seven utility trenches up the only access way into the property had to be choreographed carefully to minimize down-time to the overall construction sequence. Timing certain phases with the tide was also a unique challenge. Although we avoided a hurricane or major nor’easter during the construction process, we nevertheless had to make provisions for their inevitable arrival.

Despite its many challenges, this project ended up being a truly spectacular place to go to work every day. It’s one of the perks of our business that we especially value.