First and foremost, we consider ourselves builders

Auburn Landing was founded in 1979.  Since then, we have had the joy of applying our unique, hands-on approach to hundreds of projects in Fairfield and Westchester Counties.  From brand-new custom homes to renovations and restorations of historic structures, the passion for bringing inspired architecture to fruition has been central to Auburn Landing for over 35 years.

Dream, design, build

Architecture has often been referred to as the “Mother of All Art” for its inclusion of almost every aspect and discipline of the creative spirit.  When your dream house becomes an architect’s design, that design becomes the score by which we conduct what we like to think of as an orchestra of trade-craft.  With some of the industry’s most talented hands at our disposal, we have been fortunate to conduct and coordinate the unique production of hundreds of projects throughout Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

The song that doesn’t end…

Though it may be born of the “mother of all art,” no structure stands above the influence of the natural world in which it stands.  Just as the building experience is unique to each project, so is the life-cycle of each structure, its relationship to its environment and of course, its inhabitants!  Even the most sophisticated of modern homes ultimately require maintenance and repair to keep them running smoothly.  Our lifetime commitment to our customers’ safety and happiness has given us the great joy of witnessing first-hand the way a home and its inhabitants grow into each other, long after the initial construction process is completed.