The Museum

When you treasure the things you collect you need to display them.  If your collection consists of sports and music memorabilia, the display options are both challenging and fun.  Guitars from famous musicians, jerseys and uniforms from famous athletes, stadium seats from major league ball parks around the country and iconic movie props are just a few of the items that our client collected and needed to be displayed. Woven into a basketball court, a bar, an exercise room, a theater and a pool house, the displays did justice to an incredible collection.

The fun began with line drilling and blasting next to two adjacent structures to make an underground court and connection. Consultations between the architect, contractor and several museum curators led to a number of innovative display options.  We were further challenged by the additions to the collection that took place during construction.  Ultimately an electric man-lift was purchased to change the jerseys hanging from the rafters.  Everyone talks about “one of a kind” projects but this one certainly fit the bill.